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How to create the perfect Video CV ?

How to create the perfect Video CV ?

Perhaps it would be better called a video cover letter based on the function it serves, to supplement a paper CV not to replace it.

This is the traditional role of a cover letter which allows applicants to present themselves and their motivations in a way that a traditional medical or pharmaceutical CV does not allow.

The difference between a conventional CV, cover letter and a video CV is not only the method used, but also how you will be perceived because of your choice of medium. Think of your video CV as an additional cover letter. With that said, it is important that your video CV maintain consistency in style and content. Your cover letter and CV are professional and consistent, your video CV should uphold the same standards.

Practical advice on preparing a Video CV for medical professionals:

  • Prepare your speech in advance and practice it as much as possible (perhaps in front of the mirror) in order to avoid repetition and awkward pauses.
  • Use your friends as a practice audience. Ask them to be objective and give you constructive criticism and advice.
  • Don’t forget about your appearance, dress in a professional manner. The main advantage of a video CV is that the employer can see you but you control the first impression – make it good!
  • Advertise your language skills. If you speak several languages take time to prepare a few sentences in each to demonstrate your level of proficiency. Try to include any specialist vocabulary if possible.
  • Focus on your professional career. Avoid talking too much about your personal interests.
  • Stay calm, speak clearly and don't rush.
  • Explain why you would be a good employee if hired.
  • Thank the audience for their attention and give your contact details.