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How to avoid writing a poor CV

How to avoid writing a poor CV

Of course, there may be some mistakes and errors, so read the following tips to avoid having your CV rejected.

What to avoid when writing a CV:

  • Do not use coloured paper
  • Avoid full body shot photographs
  • Photos should not be too playful, a gentle smile is enough
  • Do not staple your resume and cover letter together
  • Do not use different fonts or language other than that which is required
  • Do not write in the first person (e.g. use Achieved x, Responsible for y)

The most common reasons for rejecting a CV:

  • The content of the CV is not connected to the required professional profile
  • The CV contains formatting or spelling errors
  • It was written using awkward or incomprehensible language
  • It has an overly complicated format
  • It has an inappropriate picture/photo
  • It was written on outlandish or bright paper
  • It includes inaccuracies concerning education or career
  • It is hard to read or too vague and not specific for the job in question