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German Ordung

German Ordung

If you plan to work abroad, be aware of the requirements for each country. In this issue, we present the conditions of employment in Germany for foreign workers.

 1. Requirements

Doctors with EU nationality who have graduated in EU countries cannot receive a work permit, they can only receive work approbation.

Doctors from non EU countries can receive a temporary work permit to practice following § 10 of the Federal Medical Regulations act.

In both cases the appropriate documents are required in written form along with an application.

In order to obtain such a permit, one needs to have a valid medical degree, appropriate German language proficiency, references from previous employers and to meet the health and personality requirements. In both cases, appropriate application forms and required documents need to be provided to the appropriate institution in the state in which medical activity will be sought.

2. Procedural Method

Applicants from Romania and Bulgaria still need a work permit.

The decision whether or not approval is  granted is regulated according to § 3 of the Federal Medical Regulations act. The requirements to grant approval may vary from one state to another but in each of these the required documents include medical training proof, references from a previous employer and sufficient German language proficiency.

3. Approbation vs. Work permit


  • valid all over Germany
  • no time, place or speciality limit
  • when the requirements are met, you have the legal right to receive approbation

Work permit

  • its validity is limited to the employer or federal state
  • apart from exceptions, there are place and speciality limits
  • there is no legal obligation to grant a work permit, this decision is discretionary

4. Language proficiency

In general, sufficient proof of German language proficiency is the equivalent of a B2 certificate. However, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it is also necessary to present one's language skills in person.

5. Deadlines

When granting approbation, there are certain EU deadlines when processing applications. It must be stated within one month which documents are missing and the decision whether the approbation is to be granted must be made within 4 months.

6. Proposed changes to the Federal Medical Regulations

It has been announced that the process of foreign qualifications recognition is going to be simplified. However, it has not been stated how and in what way.