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Nursing in Belgium

Nursing in Belgium

How was Link2Care established?

We placed our first nurse at the end of 2008 while operating as Link2Europe. Success followed success and in May 2010 a subsidiary, Link2Care was born to deal with recruiting nurses.

Where do you recruit from?

Link2Care has confined itself to the European Union for several reasons including the recognition of diplomas and free movement of labour and people.

We have extensive experience in the countries from which we recruit - we have our own permanent offices in Poland and Romania. We will also recruit actively with local partners from Bulgaria and Hungary. We have a representative in Latvia and Lithuania also recruiting actively. We will also be investigating Greece and Portugal where there are many nurses without work.

Why do your nurses choose to move abroad?

Money plays a role, of course. While older nurses want a better future for their children, younger nurses often see no future in their own country. They find no work with their nursing diploma, sometimes needing to pay for the opportunity gain experience. Dim future prospects and poor living standards also make the idea of living abroad favourable. Some nurses even choose to have a job with fewer responsibilities than they did at home for the opportunity to work in Belgium.

How long does it take to get a nursing job?

It takes about three months for approval to get work in Belgium. During this period you have to prepare to learn the local language. After signing up to the language course (for free) you have three months to reach the required minimum level. Once in Belgium you get another three months training combining work and language. We also offer all support for coming to Belgium, including further language lessons and administrative matters - opening a bank account, arranging housing, health insurance, and so on. We thoroughly prepare candidates.

Nurses who would like more information or would like to work in Belgium should contact Link2Care.