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How to enrich your vocabulary

How to enrich your vocabulary

Below are set of words that may be useful to identify your personal characteristics and to describe the work and functions that you have done so far.

1. Useful verbs for expressing common elements of CVs and Cover Letters:

  •  To determine the function of managing and directing staff: be at the forefront, to organise (for example: work, meetings), to authorise, supervise, train, coordinate, manage, establish, maintain, be a guide
  •  To determine the activities related to published studies, projects and trainings: analyse, build, observe, participate, control, achieve
  •  To identify other actions you have completed at various jobs: identify, qualify, repair, specialise, create, improve, make, distribute, perform, initiate

2. Useful adjectives:

  •  To determine your professional work and your competence in this field: effective, efficient, competent, experienced, proficient
  •  To express the characteristics associated with personality and character important in the work environment: communicative, talented, confident, resolute, steady, stable, comprehensive, conflict-free, consistent

3. Examples of skills:

  •  People management and team work skills: "I can advise people", "I can organise the team and motivate people to work", "coordinate the work of a team", "delegate responsibilities", "skilfully resolve conflicts", "check", "skilfully persuade others"
  •  Related to on-going research and training: "Check compatibility", "preparing the documentation", "I can interpret the data", "prepare the minutes", "operate equipment", "plan agendas”
  •  Other skills associated with the previous work experience: "prioritise tasks", "I have the ability to learn fast", "assist patients" and "mediate in difficult situations"