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Dr. Łukasz Kołtowski - The UK Foundation Programme

Dr. Łukasz Kołtowski - The UK Foundation Programme

Łukasz Kołtowski is a Cardiologist from Poland. Having trained under the Foundation Programme in the UK, Dr. Kołtowski explains what the Foundation Programme encompasses and compares it to doctor training programmes in Poland.

1. What is the UK Foundation Programme?

The UK Foundation Programme is a two year training programme which helps to provide newly qualified doctors with clinical and practical experience to help them in taking the first steps in their new career. The GMC is the governing body responsible for overseeing the quality and standards of the training courses. Over the two year period successful applicants will have the opportunity to work under supervision in hospitals, hospices and GP practices.

2. Who is eligible for the programme?

In order to be eligible to apply for a place on the Foundation Programme each applicant must be able to fulfil several important criteria. Any person wishing to apply must hold a valid and recognised medical degree and expect to gain provisional GMC registration before the official start of the programme. The UK Foundation Programme is open to all graduates from the UK and EEA universities and also to those who have the right to work as a doctor in training in the UK.

3. How does the application process work?

If a graduate is able to fulfil all of the necessary criteria for eligibility they can begin to take part in the application process. There are two main parts to the application, educational performance and a situational judgement test. Applicants can score a maximum of 100 points from these two sections, which will then be taken into account in the evaluation of each candidate and in the event of oversubscription for places. It may also be necessary to have an interview, depending on the specific demands of individual Foundation Schools.

4. Where can you study?

Foundation Schools are not like traditional schools or universities but rather a group of institutions such as hospitals, hospices and GP practices. There are 27 Foundation Schools located throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As part of the application process candidates must rank each of the schools in order of preference, then according to the popularity of each school and the individuals scoring, each successful candidate be allocated a place, ideally at one of their top five schools. Of course, some schools are more popular than others and candidates should take this into account when making their choices. Every effort is made to place a candidate in one of their preferred locations but it is worth keeping in mind which specialities are offered and which locations are the most popular.

5. Why should you choose The Foundation Programme?

The Foundation Programme is an invaluable opportunity for newly qualified doctors to take the knowledge and experience they have gained throughout their years of studying and put that into practice in genuine, real-life, clinical situations. Not only is it a chance to develop and refine their clinical skills but also the opportunity to work with and learn from highly experienced medical professionals. During the Programme doctors will also be able to gain experience in a variety of specialities which can provide them with the knowledge and understanding to help them make important decisions concerning the future development of their career.


Łukasz Kołtowski

Managing Partner in Infrared Group
Cardiology Resident in Medical University of Warsaw