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Future Jobs For Doctors In The UK

Future Jobs For Doctors In The UK

Survey by the BMA has confirmed that young doctors who are having difficulties securing a training post or a job after receiving their certificate of completion of training (CCT) are more likely to move abroad than move to a different part of the UK. Some of the issues affecting their decisions are changes to the structure of the NHS and excessive competition for jobs. These findings reflect the unwillingness of doctors to settle for less after completing their qualifications.

When junior doctors and medical students were asked to compare their career intentions from 2010 to 2012, 51% of the respondents said that they were more likely than two years ago to want to work abroad. Over 37% said that they were more likely to move overseas permanently.

The survey also asked respondents what their reaction would be if they will not get a consultant or general practitioner post upon receiving their CCT. 26% said that they would leave the UK permanently. 24% said that they would move to a different region in the UK.

Some of the respondents were also likely to consider changing specialties or their career goals.  When asked about other options they would consider if they were unable to secure an accredited training post, doctors in the foundation programme or in core training were most likely to consider moving abroad to continue training. Junior doctors in high specialty or run-through training programmes were also most likely to move abroad.