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Skills Nurses Must Have!

Skills Nurses Must Have!

Having a good nursing degree and the experience to back to it up is a fundamental foundation but it may not be enough to land a dream job. Employers are looking for nurses with essential soft skills along with good technical skills. Soft skill qualities that play a vital role in patient retention are important to employers who must remain competitive in the healthcare industry.

As a nurse, you must be honest. Most healthcare employers start employment assessments by checking how knowledgeable you are. Starting with your resume, you must be truthful about your experience. When your resume is exaggerated, you may not be able to defend it during the interview. Also, while working with patients, be truthful with them. When you make an error, correct it because integrity once lost is hard to regain.

A nurse should also have good communication skills. Language and listening skills are extremely important for a nurse. You will have to be able to communicate with doctors, patients, and your coworkers in a very fast paced environment. Nurses are always in contact with internal and external customers and they should be able to communicate with them effectively - knowing the right words to use for every situation. Good interpersonal skill is a big part of improving the patient experience.  

Compassion and empathy are another set of must have skills. This is where a nurse brings emotional skills to work. Having empathy allows nurses to understand the patient’s situation while compassion makes them actively seek ways to ease their suffering rather than simply identifying it. For some patients, being with a nurse is the only human contact they receive during their stay at a hospital, so feeling understood and having their situation validated by a nurse handling their case is crucial. These are desirable soft skills that employers recognise and are looking for.

Finally, you must be a great team player. Teamwork is a requirement in nursing, otherwise nothing would ever get done. Being a team player makes you stand in for others even when you are not on duty. Healthcare providers prefer nurses that go out of their way to perform their duties. You should be able to deal with individuals in your team, overlook differences and achieve team goals. Also, teamwork enhances a nurses performance and job satisfaction.