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The Best Healthcare Jobs: New Trends

The Best Healthcare Jobs: New Trends

New rankings of the best healthcare jobs have been released by U.S News - giving potential jobseekers an insight on the current and future state of healthcare sectors.

The rankings can be used by jobseekers in the US as well as Europe to give them an intuitive method to compare professions based on the indicators that matter most in job trends. These jobs were ranked according to the number of openings, chance to advance and be professionally fulfilled, the ability to meet financial obligations, employment growth and future prospects. The scores were on a single weighted average score of 0 to 10.

Registered nurses rank #1 on the list of best healthcare jobs with a total score of 8.2. Nursing was  considered as one of the occupations that touches most peoples’ lives medically. They are involved in treating and educating patients, explaining prescriptions and procedures, administering medication and managing medical records. Nursing is flourishing compared to other occupations and the job growth is expected to be much higher. Solid employment growth and a wide range of job prospects help make registered nursing a top healthcare job.

Pharmacists rank #2 on the list with a total score of 7.6. It is relatively well-paying and fast growing job market in the healthcare sector. It also has a mix of technical, organisational and people skills which makes it desirable. Job prospects are looking brighter in the years to come and the earnings potential remain relatively high.

Medical Assistants rank #3 with a total score of 7.5.  Medical assistants handles  both administrative and clinical duties in doctors’ offices and hospitals as well. The organisation of the environment depends largely on them. Their responsibilities are a mix of traditional office work from manning the front desk to drawing blood and sterilizing surgical equipments. Medical assistants are in high demand and the job growth expectation is high.

Physical Therapists rank #4 with a total score of 6.9.  This profession is one of the fastest growing in health care. Therapists work in clinics, hospitals and private offices. They help aging athletes, accident victims or young people with lower back pain to regain mobility and their strength. Job opportunities in the field and employment are expected to grow much faster than average because of the rising demand for their services.

Occupational Therapists rank #5 with a total score of 6.8. Occupational therapists help patients perform daily living and working tasks so that they can live more independent and satisfying lives. They also work with patients suffering from mental, physical, emotional and developmental conditions. An increasing elderly population is expected to keep the job market for occupational therapists favorable and the growth is expected to be higher in the future.

Clinical Laboratory Technicians rank #6 with a total score of 6.6. Clinical laboratory technicians conduct tests and analyses that physicians use to make their diagnoses. They handle most of the complex procedures which are required to be carried out with sophisticated laboratory equipment. With steady population growth and the development of new lab tests, the job market for clinical laboratory technicians is expected to remain strong.

Paramedics rank #7 with a total score of 6.4. Paramedics are the first to arrive at an emergency scene and people’s live depends on their quick and competent care. They work together with police and fire-fighters to provide the best all-around care in emergency situations. An increasing call volume due to emergency situations is expected to keep job prospects high for paramedics.

Massage Therapists rank #8 with the total score of 5.4. Massage therapists are trained to use their hands to relieve pain, reduce stress and unwind tired, bound–up muscles. With more than 80 types of treatments, massage therapists have many different ways to deliver this relief. An increasing number of spas and massage clinics in recent years highlights the demand for massage services and the employment growth is also expected to increase.

For job satisfaction, physical therapists rank the highest while massage therapist rank the lowest.

Looking at financial rankings, the average salary for pharmacists is the highest while medical assistants have the lowest average salary.