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A Closer Look at Video CVs: What are the Benefits?

A Closer Look at Video CVs: What are the Benefits?

A Video CV can elicit stronger reactions than a traditional CV and help you connect with the audience.

Traditional paper CVs still have many supporters who believe that it is a sufficiently effective tool to find work or select candidates. However, a growing number of people believe that a video medical resume definitely brings additional benefits which can augment a traditional CV.

So, should you make a Video CV or not? Many job seekers have little knowledge of the benefits a Video CV can bring to them and therefore may not have an opinion. Let's take a closer look so you can decide if making a medical Video CV will help you.

What is a Video CV?

Large recruitment specialists receive hundreds of applications every day and all have a similar approach. They include a resume or CV and a cover letter. Most don't draw attention to themselves and quickly end up in the trash basket. Therefore, an innovative solution is to include a video showing your experience, skills and interests.

Anyone who wants to get an interesting job has to stand out. Using a conventional CV unfortunately has a limited scope of appeal, so it is worth exploring the benefits of having a digital biography which can open up entirely new possibilities. A Video CV will allow you to present yourself in an unconventional way. In addition to the proven skills you have on paper, making a Video CV can demonstrate your soft skills and personality. A video resume or video CV is a modern tool, using new technologies and serves as an interesting showcase for your work experience, educational paths, future plans, etc..

What should you prepare for your Video CV?

Video resumes allow you not only to showcase your achievements in a professional sector, but also to show your knowledge of foreign languages or personal competence, which may be attractive to new employers.

Additionally, thanks to the process of creating your own video CV you do not only gain practice preparing the final resume but also speaking about yourself in front of a camera. You can review your presentation and speaking mannerisms to spot any awkward habits you might not be aware of.

Additionally, a Video CV will make you stick in the mind of recruiters and therefore, get you more job offers. The fact that you took the time to present yourself before a camera gives the impression that you're highly motivated to work and willing to try new solutions.

How best to prepare for a video resume?

One of the most important steps of the presentation is to create a plan of action. This will allow you to maintain a specific structure of speech, avoid repetition or omission of relevant aspects of your career.

Examine the text of the speech and practice it at home in front of a mirror or with friends. Decide the primary message you want to present and prepare the text in terms of that substance. Practice and correct your foreign language skills. Pay attention to specialised vocabulary. Search video presentations online and analyse how other people presented themselves. Lastly, remember your appearance is important, you must present a professional and elegant demeanour.

 What to Look for in a Personal Video Presentation

Present your career path by dividing it into three stages. First, briefly talk about your past, previous places of work, education and courses completed. In a few words, explain what you learned. This should be relevant to what the job requires. The second stage should address your current situation. Where you are currently working and if applicable, why you want to stop working there. In the third stage present your plans and how they include the type of employment you're seeking. If you are seeking employment in a foreign country, employers will also be interested in why you are planning to travel abroad and where you want to move. Most important of all is to show a positive attitude and strong motivation to work abroad. Finally, thank the viewers for watching.

More and more employers are receptive to the idea of viewing a Video CV which allows you to control the “first impression” you give about yourself. Despite the benefits, when compared to a traditional CV, making a Video CV can be more time consuming. Plan each stage so that once you start, you know exactly what you want the employer to remember.