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A Successful MedPharm Careers in Gdansk

A Successful MedPharm Careers in Gdansk

On Wednesday, 24 October, over 250 jobseekers visited the 12th MedPharm Careers event – connecting them with Europe’s leading healthcare employers from both medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The job fair was co-organised by the Careers Department of Gdansk Medical University. Among the visitors were seasoned specialists from medical, pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors as well as graduating students and young graduates. These Candidates got to know hundreds of job offers and their requirements. This was also the perfect opportunity to network and learn from experienced professionals who have worked abroad.

Thanks to the wide range of employers and recruiters visiting MedPharm Careers in Poland, there where job offers for specialists in almost every medical profession. From doctors and nurses to dentists and clinical researchers, there was a job for everyone. A wonderful addition to this year’s event where the seminars, open to all who attended, they gave Candidates valuable insight about planning and developing medical careers abroad, discussed trends in healthcare and presented exciting news from medical and pharmaceutical job markets around the world.

The positive feedback and opinions we received from all our visitors, including the employers and recruiters, highlights the importance MedPharm Careers has in shaping the medical and pharmaceutical jobs market. Our job fairs have become obligatory for all healthcare specialists that wants to take control of their own career development.