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Telemedicine: your doctor at a distance

Telemedicine: your doctor at a distance

Communicating medical staff with patients at their convenience, as well as transmitting medical data to reach a more suitable location for analysis are just a few examples of the benefits brought by telemedicine. Previously, doctors used the telephone and radio to reach their patients, but now technology offers online video conferences and other tools that can allow for advanced diagnostic methods and even the use of monitoring devices at home. 

TalkTo.MD is a new way to offer medical assistance to patients! 

The doctor and patient no longer need to be in the same room, as TalkTo.MD can provide telehealth care at a distance. This service relies on telecommunication and information technologies to eliminate distance barriers, and allow access to medical services for patients that may find it difficult otherwise. This includes, for example, rural and isolated communities; as well as critical and emergency situations. 

What is TalkTo.MD then? It is a brand new service offering friendly online video consultations, allowing patients from all around the world to talk to the very best health care professionals via Internet. Through the website, patients can choose their preferred doctor and book a private appointment online at a time of their choice. Above all, patients can get instant help from the very best professionals, and still save time and money. 

There are no limits to what this service can achieve, from regular consults to psychiatric evaluations of even paediatric assessments. Anything is possible. And, it’s just like going to a real doctor’s office, with the advantage that there are no waiting rooms!

Just as online shopping and online banking made its way into our daily lives, online medicine is already becoming an important service to many patients and many more can benefit from telemedicine growth with TalkTo.MD.

TalkTo.MD is currently searching for open-minded healthcare professionals: MDs, dietitians and psychologists interested in joining this innovative service. Are you one of them? You’re more than welcome in the team!

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