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UK - still destination of choice for European doctors and nurses

UK - still destination of choice for European doctors and nurses

We interview Mr. Trushar Patel – European Recruitment Manager for ID-Medical – a Milton Keynes based lead in medical recruitment company. 

What is the current market opportunities for European doctors and nurses in the UK and how much the market was affected by the crisis? 

There are currently excellent locum and career opportunities for doctors and nurses in the UK. We have a shortage of experienced doctors in a wide variety of grades and specialties and this means that NHS hospitals are always looking to Europe to find highly skilled candidates that can help them meet their strict patient care targets. The changes in immigration in the UK also mean it is more difficult for our clients to recruit candidates from outside Europe as they have done in previous years, further opening up opportunities for European candidates.

What are the types of opportunities available with your company? 

ID Medical is currently inundated with locum opportunities and has over 650 locum jobs available on a daily basis. These lucrative positions range from 1 day – 6 months depending on the need of our clients and we receive up to 250 new jobs every day which are all available to view via our website   

We also work in partnership with our NHS clients to help them fill their longer term vacancies and our specialist European recruitment team has some excellent permanent jobs for those candidates looking to settle long term in the UK and develop their clinical skills in one of the world’s leading healthcare systems.

What are the requirements for European doctors and nurses? 

To have the best chance of working in the UK all candidates must be Prepared, Committed and flexible. Doctors need to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and nurses need to be registered with the Nursing & Midwife Council (NMC). ID Medical has developed step by step for all of our candidates to guide them through each of these processes making it as easy as possible and the whole process can be completed in 4 weeks.

There is currently no language testing required to work in the UK but we expect European candidates to have a good command of the English language. Written, spoken and listening skills in English will help determine a candidate’s success in the UK. We also expect candidates to be committed so if they are serious about wanting a career in the UK and the benefits that offers, they must be flexible and understanding their first job in the UK may not be their ideal solution but once they gain experience we can support them to achieve their ambitions.

What is the typical pay for doctors in the UK?

Locum doctors in the UK can earn anything between £20.00 – £75.00 per hour and work on average 40 – 48 hours per week. Resident or SHOs earn typically between £20 – 55.00 p/h, specialists or SPRs earn £35.00 – £65.00 p/h and consultants earn up to £45.00 - £90.00 p/h.

How did the legislation change recently in the UK and how much it affects medical professionals from abroad entering the system? 

In order to safe guard the care of patients in the UK; the GMC has recently introduced revalidation and a license to practice. This means that all doctors working in the UK must have a professional appraisal every year which will allow them to continue holding a license to practice which expires every year. This will also support revalidation which all doctors must go through in the next 5 years. ID Medical has invested in a state of the art appraisal system and has a nationwide panel of appraisers to support our doctors in relation to the above. Due to some high profile clinical incidents that occurred due to European doctors not being appropriately supported in their first NHS posts, the GMC will also be introducing English language testing in the near future so it is advised to start the application process as soon as possible if you want to work in the UK.

How would you summarize the position of ID-Medical in the UK?

ID Medical is the leading supplier of European candidates to the NHS because we have gained experience over the last 8 years on how to support our candidates in their first job to ensure the highest possible success rates.

As a supplier of over 1.3 million hours to the NHS each year, we have an in depth understanding of the NHS and the expectation of our clients in the provision of doctors & nurses. This alone gives confidence to our clients that the candidates we provide will be suitable for their needs.

Using this knowledge we work in partnership with our hospitals clients to develop exclusive support and training schemes to ensure a safe introduction to working in the UK with the support required to adapt their working practice to the NHS in the most successful way. We can guarantee all appropriately prepared candidates will received a service which is second to none and cater for their needs helping them achieve their ambition of working successfully in the UK. 


Trushar Patel – European Recruitment Manager for ID-Medical – a Milton Keynes based lead in medical recruitment company.