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Clinical Research in Europe

Clinical Research in Europe

Dear Candidate, 

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you my experience and knowledge of Clinical Research across Europe. I hope that my message to you today will provide you with a better understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry and processes you may encounter in your journey to securing your first dream role. As you may be aware, the Pharmaceutical industry is quite complex, as such at SEC, each of our Consultants specialise within vertical markets and deliver expert knowledge within specific geographical regions. My remit and area of specialty is Clinical Operations within CEE countries. 

I would like to focus on assisting you in securing your first role within the Pharmaceutical industry. For example, if you were thinking of becoming a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), your responsibility would be undertaking research, learning the basics of the role and its requirements including drug development processes, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations, ICH-GCP guidelines etc. Gathering this type of knowledge will make you more attractive to potential employers. Now, if you are thinking, ‘That is obvious, I have already researched my dream role and the market!’, well done; this means you are now ready to speak to us – the consultants, recruiters and head hunters.

Irrespective of location, the process of securing a new role is similar, the adverts you come across seem to have the same requirements; life science degree, experience within similar role, fluent local language etc. One then wonders why they receive rejection letters especially when they meet most of the requirements. Majority of candidates do not make it passed the initial application stage, due to the fact that they have little or no experience in a field. The market is highly competitive therefore those with substantial experience take precedence and have more of an advantage of securing a role.

My candidates with little or no experience often ask, ‘Where do I start?’ and my response is, ‘learn to walk before you run.’ This same reasoning applies when searching for a role where one has little or no experience in; before becoming a CRA you may want to consider securing a position as a Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA). The CTA role is where a career in the Pharmaceutical industry starts for most people; at this stage, candidates gain industry knowledge and receive the training required to excel in their chosen career paths. 

In addition, always remember to remain active and visible on job boards and professional networking sites as this will increase your chances of securing your dream role.

Kind Regards,


Mariusz Stokowacki
Consultant - Pharmaceutical Division, SEC Pharma