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Did you work abroad - Claim your Tax Back !

Did you work abroad - Claim your Tax Back !

Every year, medical workers leave behind millions of Euro in unclaimed tax refunds, with many unaware that they are eligible to claim a tax rebate. At, we provide tax refunds for medical workers from all over the world. Our message to all is this – check out what you’re owed as it could be considerable.

Medical workers of all types, whether nurses, doctors, care assistants or radiologists, provide an invaluable service to the public which often takes place in the demanding surrounds of a hospital or clinic. After such gruelling work, the last thing they want is to be giving a large chunk of their hard-earned money to the tax man but unfortunately this is often what happens.

We have found that medical workers can often claim tax reliefs and expenses that other types of workers may not be able to. Claiming a tax refund is a great way for medical workers to claim back their hard-earned money. Last year, one in three of the medical workers that approached us were due tax back.

In many cases, they were due a refund on expenses they had incurred throughout the course of their job. Below we’ve outlined some of the costs incurred by medical workers that may lead to a tax refund. It’s important to note, however, that tax relief is specific to the individual tax country you’re working in – tax authorities differ in what they classify as allowable expenses.

1. Uniform Costs

Medical workers of may be entitled to claim the cost of purchasing and maintaining their uniform, including dry cleaning or repair costs. Medical workers in some countries may also claim back the cost of specialist shoes or clothing they need, in addition to any accessories required such as pocket watches for nurses.

2. Equipment

Medical workers who incur out-of-pocket expenses related to the purchase of equipment required for their jobs may be entitled to claim back the cost. Such instances might arise in the event of equipment malfunctioning when abroad and requiring replacement.

3. Membership to professional bodies and unions

There are hundreds of organisations which medical professionals pay membership fees to. This can also be tax deductible in certain countries, for example the UK.

4. Professional training

If you undertake additional training which will benefit your medical knowledge and improve your job performance, you may be eligible to claim back at least part of the programme cost. 

5. Other professional expenses

People working in the medical profession can sometimes also claim tax relief on other expenses incurred throughout the course of their business, like for example travel expenses. If you’re unsure whether or not an expense is tax-deductible, we can let you know.

The tax deductions for medical workers depend on their occupation, the country they’re in and their individual circumstances. At, we’ve found that people are often too busy to look into their tax affairs or may not be aware of their entitlements. That’s why it can help to get in touch with a tax agent such as as we have years of experience in filing tax returns for medical workers.

We try to spread awareness and let people know that it’s completely free to find out what they’re owed. We operate on a no refund no fee basis so you won’t pay anything for a refund estimation.

Last year we refunded thousands of Euro to medical workers who were entitled to claim back tax for a variety of different reasons. The average tax refund we get for medical workers depends on the tax country in question but often it reaches into the thousands.

If you’re a medical worker interested in getting a free tax refund estimation, check out or call 1800 991 805 (0048 48 360 11 36 for Poland). 



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