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Career opportunities in Scandinavia - with language course for the whole family. 

Career opportunities in Scandinavia - with language course for the whole family. 

Please, take a moment and watch this video to learn more about how to get a job in the Scandinavian healthcare sector and the unique language training that enables you and your family to speak a new language in less than six months:

MediCarrera - Your path to a healthcare career in Scandinavia from MediCarrera

Moving to another country can provide exceptional opportunities for both personal and professional development. However, in order for it to succeed, the practical details need to be carefully managed. The relocation process, paperwork and, especially, the language are often factors, which make doctors, nurses and dentists worried about considering career opportunities in Scandinavia.

With the MediCarrera family concept, you and your family will learn a new language together and you are provided with the assistance you need to get a smooth start to your career in Scandinavia. MediCarrera takes care of all the practical details. They help you find a new home, assist you with the required paperwork, and they solve all relocation issues during the intensive language course.

While you study, MediCarrera provides you with financial support, an apartment and kindergarten, if needed. All MediCarrera services are free of charge for the candidate as costs are covered by the employer. 

MediCarrera works on behalf of public hospitals, clinics and primary care centres in different regions of Scandinavia and has over 15 years of experience helping doctors, nurses, and dentists to relocate. More than 500 healthcare professionals have successfully completed the language course and started working in Sweden, Denmark, or Norway.

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