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Amplia - Laboratório Inteligência e Aprendizagem

Areas of recruitment:
Allied Healthcare, Doctors, Nursing & Midwifery, Social & Care Work, Public Health
We offer jobs in:
France, United Kingdom

Location Rua Joaquim Faria Moreira Ramalhão nº 74; 4470-610

Telephone Number +351 915876574



About Us

Amplia is an portuguese organization that dedicates to Human Resources Development, specifically Human Resources Services (such as Recruitment & Selection; Assessment/Development Center) and Psychology.

Ours Human Resources Consultant have significate experience in recruitment processes, using a huge spectrum of R&S methods, as Assessment Center, Headhunting, Psychological tests, interviews, references control, etc, in different sectors (industry, banking, fashion, healthcare, real state, etc.).


Amplia is especialist in International Recruitment.