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Nursing & Midwifery, Social & Care Work, Other job category
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United Kingdom

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About Us

Providing global solutions to local challenges

We provide employment solutions for Employers and Candidates. We hold in high regard all our clients and potential clients and take delight in connecting candidates and Employers across the globe; matching the needs and requirements of both. We do this through understanding the needs of our clients and we provide the appropriate support needed during this transition.

Supporting Employers

Supporting sustainable business growth through global solutions

The world has now become a global workplace. It was not unusual 10 years ago to have more than one career. In 2016 it is no longer unusual for growing companies to expand their workforce by adopting global solutions.

We specialise in helping successful businesses to grow, by sourcing and supporting the world’s best talent to join your team. We are more than recruiters, we take the time to understand your business and work with you to develop local systems, which will support the growth of your business and more importantly ensure the growth is sustainable.

We are specialists in understanding company culture and matching the hopes and desires of our customer, with candidates which cannot be reached locally. We support these candidates to understand your business in a language they understand. Our success relies on yours and our solutions, which are designed to ensure every stakeholder including the candidate realises the opportunity.

We have successfully supported businesses to grow from Strength to strength in a variety of Industries.

Supporting Candidates

Providing candidates with global opportunities

We provide candidates from across the globe, with opportunities to work abroad so that they can achieve their career and personal goals; whether that be developing their career, gaining work experience, working to support their families or saving money for their future goals. By understanding their motivations, we can place them in suitable employment and provide them with the right support during this transition. We provide candidates with the best opportunities that match their needs and requirements.