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About Us

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative products in three primary areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

We also have a significant global presence with commercial operations in more than 150 countries, a network of 84 manufacturing sites in 36 countries and large R&D centres in the UK, USA, Spain, Belgium and China.

GSK Vaccines is a world’s leading company, involved in vaccine research, development and production. We have 16 candidate vaccines in development and our broad portfolio of around 40 vaccines prevent illnesses such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, typhoid, influenza and bacterial meningitis. Globally, we have more than 16.000 people working to deliver vaccines safely, every day, to people in 90% of the world’s countries. I

GSK Consumer Healthcare produces a range of consumer health products based on scientific innovation. They develop and market a range of products in the areas of: Pain Relief, Respiratory, Oral Health, Nutrition/Gastro Intestinal and Skin Health. These include a number of well-known brands such as Sensodyne, Paradontax, Poligrip, Voltaren, Panadol, Otrivin and Theraflu.

GSK Pharmaceuticals includes research, development and manufacture of medicines for a variety of serious and chronic diseases. This includes market leading products for Respiratory, Anti-Viral, Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Urogenital, Anti-Bacterial, Oncology and HIV.

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