MedPahrm Jobs

EPSN Workforce Poland

Areas of recruitment:
Doctors, Nursing & Midwifery, Social & Care Work
We offer jobs in:
Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands

Location Zlota 59, Lumen Złote Tarasy VIth Floor
00-120 Warsaw, Poland

Telephone Number +48 534713222



About Us

The entire EPSN team consists of enthusiastic professionals, each with their own quality and field of expertise.

Whilst we are a new business our teams are anything but. We only employ recruitment professionals with extensive recruitment knowledge and expertise gained across specialist sectors, ensuring a truly consultative approach for our clients and candidates.

The lines of communication are short, which makes it possible for us to react quickly. This way we can offer our clients the flexibility and swiftness they need.

On the international recruitment market EPSN Workforce is one of the major players, and our ambition is to become and remain the largest and best in this segment.