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Allied Healthcare, Students, Other job category
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Location Al. Wojska Polskiego 41/16
01-503 Warsaw, Poland

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About Us

MedPharm Group organises MedPharm Careers - the largest job fair events in Europe for all medical and pharmaceutical branches.

The job fairs have enjoyed great success since 2007 and are continuously expanding throughout Europe.

The 12th MedPharm Careers job fair will be held across 73 locations in 23 countries.

Thousands of doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other medical professionals attend our job fairs.The events also attract leading players from the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research sectors as well as students completing their last year of study and interested in started their careers at home and abroad.

MedPharm Careers is a professional event at which participants can meet with medical specialists and recruiters in a location near to the participants home.

For several years now, medical and pharmaceutical Employers in Europe actively attend all our events making them an essential part of their recruitment strategies to find talented candidates.