MedPahrm Jobs


Vacancies for Family Doctors in GP clinics in South Sweden

The job offers are in public primary care centers with 20-40 employees, including family doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory staff and assistants. There is a close collaboration with the hospitals in the region, which are the part of the same public health care organization.

The focus of the clinics is traditional Family medicine, but there are also departments/treatment programs for asthma and respiratory pathologies, paediatrics from 6-13 years, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, dietician, incontinence, laboratory for tests, stop-smoke-program, physiotherapy and vaccination. The nurses have their own department and many patients are treated by them without visiting the GP.


The offer:

  • Training courses within working hours.
  • Help to find: apartment, school and kindergarten.
  • Study tour to Sweden, after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment.
  • Assistance with removal and relocation.
  • Intensive Swedish course, also for a partner.
  • A scholarship for the Swedish course of 700 Euros monthly net, a supplement for children of 70 Euro monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family.



  • Specialist title in family medicine.
  • Be able to complete the Swedish intensive course.