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Family medicine in Sweden

Healthcare centres located in Sweden are looking for specialists in Family Medicine. 

The healthcare centres provide primary care for the inhabitants of the region and deal with a lot of acute cases. The healthcare centres consist of doctors, district nurses, nurses, assistant nurses, dieticians, child healthcare and rehabilitation. The rehabilitation teams consist of psychotherapist, psychologist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist.

A family medicine specialist in Sweden requires a deeper knowledge of diagnostics and treatment of health problems in all ages. The patients with common diseases and health problems, including mental disorders, are in contact with family medicine doctors, at a first stage. At the primary care clinics, there is usually equipment for minor surgery and for various types of examinations. The work also includes basic child and maternal health care, preventive and rehabilitative work, administrative duties and writing various certificates. 


1. Permanent employment after a satisfactorily proved trial period.

2. Training courses within working hours.

3. During the trial period, the gross salary will be 65 000 SEK/month. After successful completion of the 6-month trial period, the salary will be negotiated individually but the minimum gross salary would be around 70 000 SEK/month.


1. Specialist title in Family Medicine.

2. Availability to complete the intensive language course.

3. Team spirit and ability to work with different patient categories.

4. You should be confident, flexible, have a high level of motivation and professionalism. You should work independently also be able to work structured in a team. Have an interest in the field of treatment and willingness to learn more.