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Emergency medicine in Sweden

The hospital in Nyköping is offering two positions for specialist doctors in emergency medicine.

The Nyköping Hospital is a small hospital with many departments. At the hospital there is an emergency clinic, open 24/7 which attends patients within surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology with maternity and delivery ward, internal medicine, radiology, geriatrics/rehab and intensive care.

During daytime there is also an ENT-department, dermatology, paediatrics, clinical physiology and home care.

The emergency clinic is always open for serious, acute conditions in internal medicine, surgery and orthopaedics. During specific hours there is reception for children, ENT and ophthalmology patients, as well. The emergency clinic in Nyköping has approximately 26000 patient visits per year.

Nyköping is a historical city, by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature and has its own archipelago.

Nyköping is located 1 hour away from Stockholm by car or train and has a good international connection with Skavsta Airport.

The job description includes also tutoring assistant doctors, residents and other health care staff. The emergency medicine doctor will work in team, together with other professionals at the clinic.

The doctor will have a lot of responsibility, but also great opportunities to create a future new emergency organisation.

The hospital is looking for doctors who have several years of experience as emergency specialists and are interested in helping to develop the organisation.



  1. Permanentemploymentaftersatisfactoryprovedtrialperiod.

  2. Trainingcourseswithinworkinghours.

  3. During the trial period the gross salary will be 60000 SEK/month. After successful completion of the 6-month trial period, the salary will be negotiated individually but the minimum gross salary would be around 65 000 SEK/month. After two years, a senior emergency doctor has a salary of approximately 75 000 SEK/month.



  1. Specialist title in Emergency Medicine.

  2. Availability to complete the intensive language course.

  3. Team spirit and ability to work with different patient categories.

  4. The candidate should be confident, flexible, have a high level of motivation and professionalism. The doctor should work independently also be able to work structured in a team. Have an interest within the field of treatment and willingness to learn more.


WE OFFER            

• A new career in Sweden with a balanced working life
• A study tour to gain valuable insight into the region and working environment
• An intensive language course for the whole family
• € 800 monthly net remuneration during the language course
• A free apartment and coverage of travel costs for the whole family during the language course
• Assistance with finding an apartment and school/kindergarten enrolment in the new country
• Assistance throughout the relocation process
• Introduction training within working hours



• Specialist title in Accident and Emergency Medicine
• Availability to complete the intensive language course
• Motivation for moving and starting a new career in Sweden


All MediCarrera services are free of charge for the candidate