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Emese Toth - Video CV

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My name is Emese Toth and I am 6th year Medical Student at the Medical University of Seged, Hungary.

I will be graduating in September 2012 and I would be very happy to continue my medical career in Sweden or one of the English speaking countries. I would like to train in Primary Care, Dermatology, Radiology or Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I would be glad to hear about interesting training and work opportunities in one of the above mentioned specialities so please feel free to write me at


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A Video CV is a modern day tool allowing candidates to showcase their experiences as well as soft skills, foreign languages skills, career paths and future plans. Video CVs are becoming more and more popular because they allow candidates to express themselves in novel ways reaching potential employers all around the world. Additionally, it allows the candidate to practice presenting themselves and requires the candidate prepare more. This additional effort, in addition to a traditional CV, is appreciated by Employers making it easier for them to get to know candidates.

Exemplary Video CV

source: MPTV

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A Video CV allows more flexibility than other methods of making personal presentations allowing candidates to not only showcase career paths, education and work skills, but also knowledge of foreign languages, soft skills and speaking style which can attract potential Employers. Additionally, making a Video CV allows a candidate to not only practice presenting their personal history but also serves as an interview rehearsal in front of a camera. A CV presented in video format is more memorable for recruiters and results in more interview and job offers than traditional CV for equally qualified candidates. This is in part because a Video CV give the Employer a sense that the candidate is motivated to get the job and is willing to try novel solutions to problems.