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The Newest Edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine, autumn 2016

The latest autumn edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine - a specialist magazine for jobs and career development in all medical and pharmaceutical branches. 

MedPharm Careers Magazine offers:

  • Direct access to targeted groups thanks to distribution at our job fairs, MedPharm Careers
  • Engaging readers globally as well as locally thanks to targeted topics
  • An elegant layout that holds the reader’s attention
  • A unique way of communicating between employers and candidates

Topics in the upcoming September edition of MedPharm Careers Magazine:

  • Getting hired and work conditions in Germany. Why is it worth my effort to look for work in Germany?
  • What region of Germany has the best job offers? Ranking the best places to work.
  • Practical advice for getting hired in specific European Countries. What should I remember when looking for work abroad?
  • Learning English for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Which language certificates are worth spending my time and money on?
  • Interviews with experts from various professional fields including: HR, coaching and psychology. How can I make my job search more effective?

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