MedPahrm Jobs

About Job Fairs

MedPharmJobs Careers is the largest medical job fairs in Europe held twice a year (Spring and Autumn), since 2007, in more than 20 countries attracting thousands of Visitors.

The upcoming 21st Autumn Edition will be held in 11 countries and in 21 locations presenting thousands of working opportunities in Europe and beyond.

MedPharmJobs Careers is attended by doctors of all grades and specialties, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, allied healthcare professionals, clinical research specialists and anyone seeking career in healthcare.

We invite some of the largest and most respected medical Employers in Europe including hospitals, CROs and medical staffing companies.

MedPharmJobs Careers is considered as a primary source of information about careers in healthcare for the growing number of medical professionals and it is a must-attend Event for every medical Employer from Europe.

MedPharmJobs Careers is a great opportunity to meet the most dynamic professionals and a perfect place for business networking and getting new contacts and Clients.