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Regulations for online course, Medical English 24, Nursing English on

I. General Information

  1. This document, called "Regulations" refers to the terms and conditions of the online medical English course, MedicalEnglish24, found at the internet address: and Nursing English Course, found at the internet address:
  2. By using this service, or Nursing English, the user accepts the rules of the site, currently available on the website, hereinafter referred to as MPJ
  3. The owner of the online course, MedicalEnglish24 and Nursing English: MedPharm Group sp. z o.o. ul. Słowackiego 19 A, 01-592 Warszawa NIP: 525 252 40 47 Regon: 145923488
  4. All materials contained in the site are subject to copyright and are protected under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Dz. U. z 1994 r., Nr 24, Poz. 83 ze zmianami).
  5. Correspondence between the owner of the course and the student shall be sent electronically via the website and email: The course owner undertakes to reply to the student as soon as possible, and no later than five working days' time.

II. Definitions

  1. Student – a physical or legal entity who as a result of the registration process has obtained the status of student through a purchase at MPJ.
  2. Account - a separate part of the MPJ site, through which it is possible to use the resources of / Medical-English or Nursing English, and to which user access is only authorized after the individual's submission of e-mail address and password.
  3. Course - online course with the address of / Medical-English or Nursing English owned and operated by MedPharm Group Ltd., enabling students to participate in the language course, MedicalEnglish24 and Nursing English, conducted via the Internet.
  4. Agreement - Agreement with the owner of the English language medical course as the result of the registration and purchase of the course via the platform by the student in acceptance of the regulations.
  5. User – physical entity using the resources of MPJ.
  6. Activation of the course - enabling of the course, which takes place after registration and acceptance of the regulations and confirmation by the course owner of payment for the chosen course. 

III. The type and range of services

  1. The owner of the services identified by these regulations acts as organizer of the language courses, which take place over the Internet.
  2. The users' rights and obligations related to the use of the service are determined by the provisions of these regulations.

3. Course components

a) The service available at caters for a level: advanced and at English for a level: advenced

b) The level of the course Medical English is divided into 12 modules. Each module consists of 4 lessons. The level of the course Nursing English is divided into 1 module. The module consists of 4 lessons. Each lesson of courses consists of the following elements : introduction, checklist, information section, reading, listening, writing & grammar, speaking, presentation, video, additional materials, and test aimed at developing competency in areas such as reading, writing, listening, grammar and pronunciation.

c) Subsequent lessons are available to students every week, and the use of them is possible only after completion of the test at the end of each lesson. To pass the test, the student needs to achieve a result of at least 70%. In a situation where the student receives less than 70%, he/she must retake the test until a minimum of 70% is achieved.

d) Each lesson is available 7 days after the previous lesson. For example, if the course and the first lesson begin on a Monday, the following lessons will also be available on a Monday.

e) Two necessary requirements to progress to the next lesson are: - receiving a minimum of 70% in the test - The expiry of the period of 7 days from the start of the previous lesson

f) Access to Medical English Course resources The student can purchase a course via 12 monthly payments or a one-time payment for the entire course (12 months) and take advantage of a one-time discount. The choice of a single payment does not allow access to the entire course; it is only possible to gain access to the next lesson after meeting the two requirements stated in section e) Access to Nursing English Course resources The student can purchase o one-time payment for the entire course and take advantage of a one-time discount.

g) Only one lesson is available at one time.

h) The student may at any time view lessons already available and access to purchased content is indefinite.

IV. Registration

  1. In order to use the courses, it is necessary to register as a user on MPJ, perform activities required by the service and accept the conditions contained in these regulations.
  2. The courses are available to users who fill in the form with their personal information, understand and accept the regulations, and pay for the courses.
  3. The user can at any time turn off the visibility of his/her MPJ profile to employers in the settings of the user profile service, if his/her activity on the site is limited to the use of the Medical English Course or Nursing English Course. 

V. Privacy and data protection

  1. The administrator of your personal information on the platform, necessary to implement the agreement, is the owner of the course.
  2. By registering on this website you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 133, item. 883, as amended) purposes related to the use of the service / Medical-English or Nursing English, advertising, trade information and settlement of payments.
  3. You agree to notify the owner of any change in contact details. The course owner is not responsible for the consequences of user data errors or failure to inform course owner of changes to data.

VI. Technical requirements

  1. To use the service, / Medical-English or Nursing English, a computer with Internet access is required. Course owner is not responsible for any problems with the use of the service due to a configuration error, student's software or hardware, or due to problems with access to the Internet on the side of the student.

VII. Course content and copyright

  1. The materials contained in the course MedicalEnglish24 and Nursing English are subject to copyright and are protected under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Dz. U. z 1994 r., Nr 24, Poz. 83 ze zmianami). The materials made available by the course owner may be used only by persons who have paid to use the course.
  2. Course owner reserves the right to periodically update the content of the courses offered, including modifying the content, availability of lessons and exercises and removal and adding of items.
  3. Student agrees not to share login and password information with other people. Non-compliance will result in the student's account being locked. 

VIII. Limitation of course owner's responsibilty and the right to terminate the didactic process

  1. If you use the language courses over the Internet via the platform, except for applicable laws, course owner is not liable for damages resulting from:

a) actions taken through the site using the MPJ user account, username, email

address or password by unauthorized persons,

b) User hardware failure, or loss of data in particular due to computer viruses

in course of or in connection with the use of the platform resources,

c) Acts of God, which means an extraordinary event of an unpredictable nature, and if they are unavoidable events which course owner cannot stop from hampering the proper execution of the provisions of the Agreement, of legislative, executive or judicial bodies, in particular from changes in the laws in force on the date of the conclusion that prevent proper fulfillment of contractual obligations.

2.  Course owner is not responsible for any damage unless the event or source of the damage occurred as a result of the user's acceptance of these rules or other applicable laws.

3.  Course owner reserves the right to refuse the further implementation of the educational process in the case of:

a) suspicion of disclosure of your username, login or password to third parties,

b) poor transmission quality, gaps in communications, power outages, modification rate, damage and defects of telecommunications equipment and power systems, computer hardware, communications network failure, disconnection when placing an order or instruction, the activities of a third during the transfer of orders and instructions and any other interruptions of information caused by the need for ongoing maintenance,

c) legislative, executive or judiciary changes, in particular the consequence of changes in laws after the date of the agreement, which prevents proper performance of the obligations of the agreement,

d) Acts of God, meaning an extraordinary event of an external and unpredictable nature, and if unavoidable, constitutes an obstacle to the due execution of the provisions of the agreement.

4.  Users acknowledge that the use of the site and the course in a way that is inconsistent with its intended purpose, and with the purpose of circumventing or violating the law, is prohibited.

5.  Users are not permitted to use the service and courses content to violate the personal rights of others, or to use the site as a promotional tool for other websites, etc. 

IX. Prices of services

  1. Prices Payment for the Medical English Course is determined as follows: 59 EUR (VAT of 23% included) in the system of monthly payments or 599 EUR gross (VAT of 23% included) for a one-time payment for the entire course .
  2.  Prices Payment for the Nursing English Course is determined as follows: 89 EUR (VAT of 23% included) for a one-time payment for the entire course .
  3. Methods of payment Payment for the course can be directly transferred to the account of the course owner in euros, via Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A. IBAN PL 10203000453110000000330120  Swift: GOPZPLPW
  4.  Access to resources and the educational program is made available immediately upon confirmation of payment.
  5. Refunding tuition fees By accepting these terms, you understand that after buying any modules of the language course via the Internet, the user gains access to copyright materials for language learning. Failing to access these materials, in part or in full, may not give rise to a refund of part or all of the fees for tuition.
  6. Sales receipts It is possible to receive invoices. To do this, enter the necessary data for the invoice by e-mail to the following address: An invoice will be supplied by e-mail to the address specified by you within ten working days of payment confirmation by the course owner.

X. Complaints

Course owner agrees to keep exercises and respond within seven working days of the student's complaint. The complaint should be submitted by the student within 30 days from the onset of the problem in English, German or Polish. After 30 days the owner has the right to stop the course for dealing with complaints. Platform users are entitled to complain about services provided by the owner of the course. The complaint must include the name and email address of the person filing the complaint, as well as a detailed description of the problem. 

XI. Final provisions

  1. Course owner may temporarily restrict access to the course, if required by safety considerations or other circumstances beyond its control as well as maintenance of the computer system. Limitation will be lifted as soon as the cause of unavailability ends. These limitations do not entitle users to reimbursement for courses.
  2. Validity of Regulations These terms and conditions shall apply from 01.04.2015.