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Why should I learn Medical English?

Medical English is the lingua franca of medical professionals worldwide and healthcare industries around the world have adopted it as the foremost language of communication. You must learn Medical English if you want to communicate effectively within this modernised world of medicine. Medical students, residents, nurses, doctors and all other professionals working in the healthcare industry will have to use Medical English at some point in their career.

Why should I learn online?

The language learning process in recent years has dramatically changed by the wide use of internet based learning tools. Online learning or so called e-learning enables us to have access to high quality teaching programmes from the comfort of our own home. We can now learn whenever we have time, and at our own pace.

Do I need to speak English to take the Course?

Yes, you need to be at an intermediate level of English to be able to fully benefit from the course and to complete it within 12 months without delays.


The Course is available at upper-intermediate level. Not sure if the level meets your needs? Try your first lesson for free and get a feel for what's ahead.

How long is the Course?

The Medical English Course takes 12 months to complete but you can stop anytime. However, only candidates that fully complete the Course can take a final exam and receive a Medical English Certificate.

How is the Course organized?

The course is divided into 12 modules and each module contains 4 lessons. Altogether, there are 48 lessons with 4 weeks of revision time built into the Programme. During the breaks, students will have time to revise previous lessons and new lessons will only be released after these breaks:- Christmas ( 1 week )- Easter ( 1 week ) - Final exam preparation at the end of the course ( 2 weeks)

What is included into each lesson?

During each lesson all language skills; e.g. speaking, listening, reading and writing are covered. Every lesson consists of the following elements: introduction, reading, writing & grammar, presentation, listening, speaking, video, additional materials, lesson test

How much time I need to complete one lesson?

One needs the average of 5 to 10 hours to go through the information and materials presented in one lesson. The exact amount of time you need to allocate depends on your level of general English and Medical English at the start of the Course as well as how thoroughly you covered the material presented in previous lessons. What if I do not pass one of the lesson tests? If you do not pass the lesson’s test, you can retake it again at anytime until you get a passing mark. Only if you have successfully passed the test, the nest lesson will be made available to you.