MedPahrm Jobs

  • Learn medical vocabulary
  • Get familiar with medical abbreviations
  • Practice your history taking skills
  • Learn what to ask during physical examination
  • Improve your medical writing skills

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Learn online! The e-learning platform is a user-friendly tool designed by top linguists to help you learn effectively whenever you want and wherever you are. It uses a wide range of tools to make the learning process easy, effective and enjoyable. The course is divided into the following sections: Introduction, information, reading, listening, speaking, writing, videos, presentations, and supplemental materials to support your learning.

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It uses videos, audio recordings, presentations as well as various readings and exercises. All audio and video recordings come together with transcripts to make sure you get everything right. The platform also provides you with a large collection of carefully selected links to supplementary materials to expand

your knowledge and inspire you to learn. The course also includes thousands of pages of downloadable materials, including case histories, sample medical documentations, guidelines and procedures to even further improve your medical English and understanding of foreign healthcare systems.

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your progress

At the end of each lesson you will be tested in order to see what you've learnt and what you still might need to work on. There will also be a test at the end of each module and at the end of the course. This will help you monitor your progress and see how much you've improved.