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Nursing English24 is an exclusive new course, which will help you to improve your communication skills and specialist English language knowledge. It enables Nurses to work effectively and efficiently in jobs in
English speaking countries.

Created by healthcare professionals

The course has been created in co-operation with healthcare professionals working in the UK, medical institutions and academic language teachers. It contains everything you need to prosper amongst English speaking nursing professionals.

Recommended by employers

Recruitment agencies and some of the best employers from Europe’s healthcare sector have recommended the NursingEnglish24 course. The effective and user-friendly course isalso an excellent way to prepare for the sTandem exam.

Access exclusive content

Our partnership with means that when you sign up for the Nursing English24 course you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest news from the medical world and given access to exclusive training materials. These include real case histories, sample medical documentation, important guidelines and useful procedures to help you understand foreign healthcare systems.